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Is Hewlett-Packard trying to reinvent Android too?

Hewlett-Packard is redesigning the computer from the ground up. That includes an overhaul of operating system techology, which it believes has been "stagnant" for decades. Android is a major focus.

By June 12, 2014


HP takes a crack at reinventing the computer

Hewlett-Packard talks about its project for reinventing a "stale, decades-old" computing paradigm at its Discover conference in Las Vegas.

By June 11, 2014


This is what it looks like when slime mold smiles

Researchers have translated the behavior of slime mold into "emotions" and displayed them, just as you'd expect, on a creepy robot face.

By August 19, 2013


Crave in Comments: From AMD to aiming pee

Our new feature serves up some witty and thought-provoking comments from Crave readers.

By May 20, 2011


HP, Hynix team on flash memory replacement

Hynix signs on to manufacture the once-theoretical memory resistor developed in HP Labs. The first commercial product will arrive in "three to five years."

By August 31, 2010


HP research could yield faster, more powerful PCs

Discovery from HP Labs into the untapped potential of the memristor chip could open the door for major advancements in the design and processing power of computers.

By April 8, 2010


Flexible memory developed for chips

Researchers at U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology have created a flexible memristor, which can be bent or twisted and remain functional.

By June 4, 2009


New memory circuit's roots owe debt to Aristotle

What is man? What is a resistor? In a rare example of metaphysics helping physics, the idea of the memristor was born.

By May 1, 2008


HP makes memory from a once-theoretical circuit

Over three decades ago, a Berkeley professor theorized that there should be a circuit that can remember what's happened to it. Now, HP is demonstrating it actually exists.

By April 30, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 717: Dedicated to yo' fat momma

Yo' momma is so fat. How fat is she? She's so fat she has two Wiis, one for each...OK, never mind. In other news, Microsoft walked out on Yahoo. Is it for good this time?

By May 5, 2008