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Memo to Jerry Yang: How to make Yahoo great again

While technology will play a big role in your company's future, you shouldn't discount the strengths you already have as demand for online brand ads grows.

By May 6, 2008


Jerry Yang's memo to Yahoo staff

Yahoo's CEO tries to rally the troops after Microsoft drops its acquisition attempt: "We must redouble our efforts."

By May 4, 2008


Memo to Steve Ballmer for the long flight home

On his return trip from Europe, Microsoft's boss either can get bummed out about Vista's performance or get creative about his Saturday deadline to Yahoo.

By April 25, 2008


Memo to EA and Take-Two: Stop using the press to negotitate

When two multi-billion dollar companies and their highly-paid executives and lawyers can't work out a marriage everyone knows is going to happen without turning to the press for leverage, it's hard to feel bad for them.

By March 26, 2008


Yang's memo: Buying time in Microsoft bid

Note to employees from CEO explains the reasoning behind giving Microsoft more time before forcing the Redmond giant to launch a hostile proxy fight.

By March 5, 2008


Memo to Microsoft: Free (as in beer) isn't enough

Students want to work on projects that they consider interesting, relevant, and--yes--cool. And that has very little to do with Microsoft making products available under an academic license.

By February 21, 2008


A memo to Disney, re: Hannah Montana nonsense

An aggravated mom questions Disney's motives for saying Hannah Montana's 3D concert film will be a one-week theater release, and then changing its tune.

By February 6, 2008


Ballmer's memo to his troops

In an e-mail to staff, Microsoft's chief gushes over Yahoo, while urging employees to try and keep their minds on business as usual while Microsoft pursues its target.

By February 1, 2008


Memo to Santa: Ask parents before gifting tech toys

Tech toys are all the rage this holiday gift-giving season, and it is important to consult with a kid's parents before you buy a high-tech gift, especially any gadget that has an online connection.

By December 4, 2007


Memo to EMI: Technology is the key

New EMI chief Guy Hands sent a memo to all EMI employees giving some assurances about the future of the company, but with surprisingly little emphasis on technology.

By November 2, 2007