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Mega Man: Save Dr.Light

Save Dr. Light from the evil Dr. Wily in this Mega Man game.

4 stars Users' rating out of 318 reviews
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299,536 total downloads
14 last week

Megaman X Wackyland

Play a Mega Man game.

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31,849 total downloads
2 last week

Megaman Zero

Play and arcade Zero from Megaman game.

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11,335 total downloads
15 last week


Have you ever been confused about which light source should be used to reach a satisfactorybrightness level for a particular ambience? Or are you...

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77 total downloads
1 last week

Street Fighter X Mega Man

Play the fan-made crossover of two legendary titles supported by Capcom.

4.5 stars Users' rating out of 4 reviews
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57,751 total downloads
37 last week

Hard Hat III

Try to destroy Doctor Wily's newest robots.

4 stars Editors' rating on Nov 7, 2008
3.5 stars Users' rating out of 7 reviews
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35,744 total downloads
6 last week

Super Mario Crossover

Play a Super Mario Bros with old fashion game characters.

5 stars Users' rating out of 2 reviews
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28,660 total downloads
43 last week

Megaman's Hyperball

Play Megaman themed pong with items, bosses, powerups and a shop.

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344 total downloads
1 last week

Hard Hat 2:War Ensemble

Play a 2D fighting game.

3 stars Users' rating out of 1 reviews
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5,955 total downloads
4 last week

Rokko Chan

What if Megaman was a girl?

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1,328 total downloads
9 last week

Cover your iPhone in DIY 8-bit goodness

Express yourself in 8-bit by giving your iPhone case a cool new look using fuse beads. An inventor in Scotland has made it easy.

By May 20, 2014


Don't shoot! You're not in a video game anymore

Young hard-core gamers transfer virtual behaviors into actual ones, according to a new study.

By February 27, 2014


Magnificent Street Fighter a cappella wins the game

An a cappella video-game YouTube user has re-created Guile's theme music from Street Fighter 2 using only his voice and manly beard.

By April 14, 2013


The 404 400: Where we wear short shorts

In Jeff's absence, Wilson takes the reigns as chief engineer for the show...and runs it in to the ground. Just kidding! Today we invite host of The Green Show and longtime 404 friend, Mark Licea, to join us in a few stories about a handy iPhone app.

By August 10, 2009


Mario, Link, and Mega Man immortalized in Lego mosaics

Video game mosaics get resurrected in Lego form.

By April 27, 2009