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Meetup.com CEO Scott Heiferman

Talking to CNET News.com's Charles Cooper, Meetup founder and CEO Scott Heiferman says Meetup is spreading beyond America. The service, Heiferman says, is helping "make the world a friendlier place."

November 1, 2007


Real Life: Make friends online with Meetup.com

Meetup.com helps you meet groups of people who share your interest, whether that interest is ghost tracking, Pug dogs or a foreign language. Simple idea. Crave's Ingrid Marson gave it a try

By June 23, 2006


When 2.0: Events and calendaring

At the When 2.0 workshop, Release 1.0 Editor Esther Dyson talks to EVDB CEO Brian Dear, Upcoming.org founder Andy Baio and Meetup.com CEO Scott Heiferman about discovering and sharing community events online. The event, hosted by Release 1.0, took place at Stanford University.

November 1, 2007


Annoyed by Facebook? Sorry, it's sticking around, study says

Just when you thought there was hope for fewer Candy Crush invites, a new study indicates Facebook users won't be declining as previously predicted.

By February 7, 2014


Clown meetup sought near San Francisco

A professionally trained clown is looking to get together with some colleagues near San Francisco

By May 2, 2007


Angry Birds Christmas to be a free update, screenshots leaked

Angry Birds Christmas edition will be free if you've already downloaded the 59p Halloween update, so prepare for a sprinkling of snow on your favourite feathered friends.

By November 29, 2010


The 404 683: Where we walked the plank (podcast)

Recaps and pictures from last night's 404 meetup, and Steve Guttenberg joins us with another list of ideas poking at his mind grapes.

By October 8, 2010


Smackdown against Facebook activists in Egypt

Police charge "Facebook youth" with attempt to bring down the regime as several hundred "cyber" friends gather for first time in person.

By August 3, 2008


The 404 682: Where we face-off with Eklund (podcast)

Anonymous hockey blogger Eklund from HockeyBuzz.com joins The 404 Podcast to offer an insider's look at sports blogging and how technology is shaping the future of media.

By October 7, 2010


The 404 681: Where I Google-d all over my TV (podcast)

Today we're looking at Google TV and the Logitech Revue, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, public Twitter booths, and Geek Squad ripping people off...again.

By October 6, 2010