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Med student's practice exam takes very real turn

UVA medical student Ryan Jones discovers that an actor portraying symptoms of abdominal aortic aneurysm actually had the potentially deadly condition.

By January 3, 2014


Magic mirror: Show me the meds

The New York Times Research & Development Lab unveils a "magic mirror" that can be used to surf the Web, shop for hygiene and med products, and track weight changes.

By September 7, 2011


Med students: Give us video games

In a survey of more than 200 medical students, 80 percent say computer games have educational value and 77 percent would participate in a multiplayer online health care simulator.

By August 10, 2010


Using atomic-force microscopy to find new meds

European scientists are the first to use an atomic-force microscope to "see" the unknown molecular structure of a marine compound taken from the deepest place on Earth.

By August 2, 2010


Better healthcare via open source, Harvard med school CIO argues

The open-source movement may offer some clues as to how to solve the apparently intractable mess that is the U.S. healthcare records system.

By June 25, 2008


TauMed.com aims to doctor you up

CNET.com's Neha Tiwari sits down with Tauseef Bashir, CEO and President of TauMed.com. The site, which is still in beta, aims at being a Web metagator of health information, as well as contain a plethora of editorial medical content on various topics. The

May 21, 2008


TauMed.com aims to doctor you up

Tauseef Bashir, CEO of TauMed.com, is designing his site as a meta-aggregator of health information. The site, which is still in beta, has announced two new social-networking features this week.

November 1, 2007


Forget your meds? Try an Internet pillbox

It keeps track of your drugs so you don't have to

By May 24, 2007


TauMed brings social networking to health

Beta medical site works on metagating the best health data, while beating out the competitors.

By April 5, 2007