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MediaGate MG-450HD: Media streamer with expandable storage

The MediaGate MG-450HD streams your digital photos, movies, and music from your PC to your living room--and lets you add your own hard drive as well.

By February 26, 2008


An FM transmitter for iPhone that actually works!

I tried the MediaGate iKit to connect my iPhone to my car's FM radio, preparing to be disappointed. Lo and behold, I got no interference and decent sound quality, even in urban Seattle.

By September 2, 2008


Best of CeBIT Australia 2006

CeBIT Australia attracted around 30,000 people last week to its computer expo at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. Here are our top picks from what we saw and CNET.com.au's CeBIT 2006 People's Choice Award the best consumer product or service.

By May 8, 2006


MediaGate to acquire messaging

In an effort to enter the emerging universal messaging market, MediaGate announces that it will acquire messaging software maker InterResearch & Development Group.

December 9, 1997


Key Microsoft antitrust player to launch telephony start-up

Gary Reback, a lawyer credited with seeding the antitrust case against Microsoft, is teaming with a universal messaging technologist to launch a start-up aimed at Web telephony.

By May 18, 2000


Unified messaging: The killer app for Net communications

With the increasing reliance on email, unified messaging has the foundation and market viability to alter the methods by which we communicate.

March 23, 2000


Jini's bottleneck

The ambitious timetable for the futuristic technology has been more fiction than science--and it is a classic example of the marketing pressures that drive much of today's industry.

By March 15, 2000


Boosting remote access equipment

Lucent Technologies and MediaGate are among the firms adding a variety of capabilities to basic remote access equipment.

March 16, 1998