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Holy market mania: Millennial Media shares soar on first day

Mobile mania turns into stock market fervor as shares in the mobile-advertising player nearly double their value.

By March 29, 2012


Facebook launches new Timeline and media sharing

At Facebook's F8 developer conference, the social-networking company rolled out a new historical home page for users called the Timeline, as well as functions that developers can use to fill the Timeline, and a new real-time ticker with activity information. Now users can watch videos and listen to music alongside their friends when they see content they like. Rafe Needleman talks to Facebook developers and entrepreneurs about the importance of these new features.

September 22, 2011


TravelTrac allows real-time media sharing on the go

Service makes it easy to share photos, video, and more while traveling, or store them on a device until there's connectivity.

By September 22, 2009


Under the Radar: Mobile messaging and media sharing

Four companies introduce mobile services for sharing text, photo, or video content to or from your cell phone.

By November 15, 2007


Nokia buys media-sharing site Twango

The Finnish cell phone manufacturer announces that it has bought the Redmond, Wash.-based start-up, which specializes in multimedia sharing.

By July 23, 2007


New video apps create new effects

Seen your friends on social media sharing sped-up videos that look like they're on fast-forward? No, those aren't boo-boos. It's a new app from Instagram. CNET's Kara Tsuboi explains more about Hyperlapse and other novel video apps.

By September 5, 2014


May the 'Star Wars' March Madness be with you!

Root for your favorite Jedi, Rebels, scoundrels, senators, Separatists, bounty hunters, and droids in This is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament 2014.

By March 18, 2014


Understanding Snapchat: Why nothing is everything

commentary CNET's Jennifer Van Grove explains how she went from intellectual observer to active participant, and how Snapchat is like "Seinfeld."

By January 4, 2014


Instagram makes photos and videos pop in iOS 7 makeover

The Facebook-owned application opts for a clutter-free look with larger pictures and videos.

By September 25, 2013


Valve fires up SteamOS, its bid for living room PC gaming

In a highly anticipated announcement, the creator of the Half Life series and Steam gaming portal details its strategy for dominating the living room with a Linux-based OS designed for televisions.

By September 23, 2013