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Project Ara: Everything we know about Google's modular phone

What exactly is a "modular phone" and why would you want one? We take a look at all the things we know -- and don't -- with this build-it-yourself smartphone design.

By February 18, 2015


Google's modular smartphone Project Ara gets one step closer

Google is sending out hardware for Project Ara, which will let you build a personalised phone from a selection of bolt-together elements.

By July 15, 2014


Google's 'pirates' tell Pixar-inspired stories to showcase tech

Regina Dugan of Google's skunkworks division gave an update on projects Ara and Tango, but it was a Disney-styled animation that stole the show at Google I/O.

By June 26, 2014


Google launches first Project Ara Module Developers Kit

This is the first step in a march to launch the final MDK for Google's modular smartphone design by the end of 2014.

By April 10, 2014


Google Motorola teams up with Phonebloks for modular phone

Google Motorola has announced Ara, a project to create a modular smartphone that allows you to swap out components, partnering with Phonebloks' Dave Hakkens.

By October 29, 2013


Short Take: NEC, Tseng Labs create 2D/3D graphics solution

NEC Electronics and Tseng Labs will develop a combination 2D/3D graphics card and market the card to PC makers and graphics board manufacturers. Tseng's 128-bit ET6100 graphics and multimedia engine will be paired with NEC's PowerVR PCX2, which can render 3D objects at a sustained fill rate of 40 million pixels per second on a 200-MHz Pentium Pro, NEC says. The card will support some 100 game titles, including Tomb Raider and MDK.

By September 5, 1997