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McIntosh MHA100: The Cadillac of headphone amplifiers

This big, all-American design brings out the best sound from any pair of headphones.

By August 23, 2014


Dinosaurs and Cyborgs? New 'Doctor Who' trailer delivers action

The new season of "Doctor Who" is almost here and promises non-stop excitement. But what of this rumor that his companion Clara may quit the Tardis?

By August 17, 2014


'Doctor Who' season 8 photos and trailer debut

Mysterious images and a contemplative teaser trailer give fans a few more clues before the August 23 "Doctor Who" premiere.

By July 31, 2014


Burrell Smith: Macintosh hardware wizard

Few in the public may be familiar with Smith's work, but colleagues say this brilliant engineer's importance to the Mac is akin to what Woz meant to the first Apple computers.

By January 22, 2014


Turn your iPhone into a McIntosh

McIntosh, the high-end audio maker, is offering a free iPhone app, the AP1 Audio Player, that brings the company's signature analog blue meter to your device.

By February 4, 2011


The world's most beautiful audio products

The Audiophiliac rounds up some gear that looks and sounds the best.

By August 28, 2012


My speakers can beat up your iPhone

High quality speakers are a much better investment than phones, cameras, computers, tablets, etc. Nothing gets old faster than new technology.

By August 8, 2012


Adbusting satirical video sees through Google's new goggles

commentary Did Google's ukulele-strumming promo vid for its high-tech specs make you a little queasy? You may well appreciate this skillful, and perhaps insightful, parody by culture jammer Jonathan McIntosh.

By April 7, 2012


Want to quit smoking? Try text message support

Researchers behind the "txt2stop" trial find that regular, supportive texts encouraging participants to persevere doubled success rates over a control group.

By June 30, 2011


World's priciest wall clock?

If you've got $2,000 in loose change, McIntosh (not related to Apple Macintosh) is offering a great-looking retro-styled wall clock with gauges customized to show time.

By January 12, 2011