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McGraw-Hill on iPad launch: We didn't get booted; we weren't part of it

Remarks by CEO led some to believe the publisher was privy to iPad details before the launch, but that wasn't the case. It was never part of the event to begin with, says a spokesman.

By January 28, 2010


McGraw-Hill: Tablet will be based on iPhone OS

The publisher's top executive, Chairman and CEO Terry McGraw, also tells CNBC that there will be college textbooks on the device.

By January 26, 2010


Inkling takes on Amazon, Apple with new e-book publishing tool

The startup, founded by a former Apple executive, also has allowed users to search via Google within titles made using its technology.

By February 12, 2013


iBooks 2 was Steve Jobs' vision, textbook publisher says

Terry McGraw, CEO of textbook publisher McGraw-Hill, says Apple's new digital textbook offering was Jobs' idea.

By January 20, 2012


Apple sells 350,000 textbooks in three days, analyst says

Company's iBooks Author application is also popular, tallying 90,000 downloads so far, according to a report from Global Equities Research.

By January 23, 2012


Apple to unveil e-book creation tools?

Tech titan expected to unveil tool for creating interactive e-books and expand its platform for distributing them, sources tell Ars Technica.

By January 16, 2012


Apple launches iBooks 2 digital textbooks

The company says the new "experience" for kids will be much better than what they find with traditional textbooks.

By January 19, 2012


Apple unveils iBooks 2 for digital textbooks, self-pub app (live blog)

Company announces today iBooks 2, a "new textbook experience" for the iPad and Apple's attempt to bury traditional schoolbooks.

By January 19, 2012


Apple fans wake up to a world without Steve Jobs

Makeshift vigils adorn the outside of various Apple stores in Manhattan as people pay their respects to the Apple co-founder.

By October 6, 2011


Freebie Tuesday: Music, e-books, apps, and more!

Put that credit card back in your wallet! Today's deals--starting with a $2 Amazon MP3 credit--won't cost you one thin dime.

By June 28, 2011