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Chinese hackers reportedly stole Obama and McCain documents

During the 2008 presidential campaign, top-level staffers' laptops were infiltrated with malware that allowed alleged Chinese hackers to steal internal documents, files, and e-mails.

By Jun. 6, 2013


Senator John McCain pushes to end the cable bundle

The Arizona senator introduces new legislation that would kill the cable bundle and repeal blackout restrictions for local sports teams using publicly funded stadiums.

By May. 9, 2013


John McCain laughs off iPhone poker during Senate hearing

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee must have spouted things Sen. John McCain has heard before. He was caught playing iPhone poker. On Twitter, he complains that he lost.

By Sep. 3, 2013


McCain "Twitterview" not a journalistic high point

ABC's George Stephanopoulos interview with Sen. John McCain, while, an interesting experiment, was far from a high point for either journalism or politcs

By Mar. 18, 2009


Carly Fiorina stumps for McCain

The former head of HP will be touring the country in an effort to get folks to rally behind the presidential hopeful and his economic policies.

By Mar. 8, 2008


Loaded: McCain campaign contacts for sale

Yahoo revamps e-mail, McCain campaign forgets to wipe its BlackBerrys, and more details surface on the upcoming Facebook movie.

By Dec. 16, 2008


Campaign PCs of Obama, McCain cyberattacked

Newsweek reports that the FBI and Secret Service told the presidential candidates that their files were accessed by criminal hackers over the summer.

By Nov. 5, 2008


McCain taps outsider Palin to be VP

Republican presidential hopeful picks governor from Alaska--the first woman ever named to the Republican ticket--to be his surprise running mate.

By Aug. 29, 2008


McCain pushes for public safety network

John McCain says in a campaign speech that the Federal Communications Commission needs to allocate more spectrum for public safety.

By Jul. 2, 2008


Who is better for tech: McCain or Obama?

In terms of our nation's ability to compete in the global marketplace, which presidential candidate would be better for the technology industry.

By May. 22, 2008