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Mayan apocalypse fails, according to Australia

Sorry to disappoint you, but it appears the world is still spinning even though Australia and New Zealand are already well into December 21.

By December 20, 2012


NASA releases Mayan calendar 'told ya so' video 10 days early

The space agency is so confident the world will go on after December 21 that it's already produced and released a video explaining why we didn't end.

By December 12, 2012


Android 4.2 forgets December exists, end of the world averted

Google's People/Contacts app has forgotten that December exists, presumably as a good-will gesture to avert Mayan crisis.

By November 18, 2012


Archaeologists: Mayans were green builders

Team excavating vast ancient city in Belize uses NASA LiDAR technology and reveals a society of rooftop urban agriculture.

By May 12, 2010


The 404 Podcast 528: Where we leap back into...Y2K...10?

Stop caressing your PS3s and return the drums of apple sauce you bought to survive the Armageddon, and...turns out the Mayan calendar ended two years earlier, and much less severely than predicted.

By March 2, 2010


E*Trade teams for investment in optical start-up

The online trading firm teams with one of Japan?s largest telecommunications companies to invest in optical networking start-up Mayan Networks.

January 25, 2000