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Nvidia launches midrange GPUs with Maxwell architecture

The chipmaker's Maxwell graphics architecture is twice as energy-efficient and 50 percent faster than its predecessor, Kepler.

By February 18, 2014


Another tribute to Maxwell Smart

A wingtipped shoe phone comes out just days ahead of the Get Smart movie.

By June 11, 2008


Maxwell Smart's gadget legacy

By September 27, 2005


Farewell, Maxwell Smart

By September 27, 2005


In new ad, Samsung not worried Galaxy S4 will be lost in a bar

What can Samsung's new teaser ad mean? It's surely for the launch of the Galaxy S4. But who is Jeremy Maxwell? Why has he been selected? Is he related to the late Robert Maxwell?

By March 4, 2013


DARPA awards $1.7M for ultracap energy storage

Maxwell Technologies will use the money to develop a long-lasting portable energy-storage device for soldiers to charge and manage electronics in the field.

By January 5, 2011


Nvidia unveils next-gen Pascal GPU for 2016 release

Onstage at the GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang shows off the company's next-gen processor platform.

By March 25, 2014


Shoe phone talks the talk, walks the walk

An Australian post-doctoral fellow in bioinformatics has developed a wearable shoe that can place and receive calls wirelessly. Maxwell Smart would be proud.

By February 27, 2009

Editors' Take

Alienware Alpha

A first look at the Alpha's console-like Windows 8 interface.

August 12, 2014

MSRP: $549.00


Verizon brings out BREW phones

Summus Vice President John Maxwell and correspondent Melissa Francis demo new file sharing software that enables users to exchange photos, and excel and word documents over cell phones.

November 1, 2007