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Why the death of the Firefox phone matters

With its failure to stop the mobile-software dominance of Google and Apple, Mozilla loses relevance and the Web grows a little weaker.

By February 5, 2016


Why India matters to Silicon Valley

Hundreds of millions of Indians are buying their first smartphones. The country's rapid growth has caught the attention of tech companies around the globe.

By February 5, 2016


4 things we just learned about the future of GoPro

Angry investors asked GoPro: Are action cameras dead? GoPro's response was rather revealing.

By February 3, 2016


The smartphones that matter at CES 2016 (pictures)

From cheap and cheerful handsets to big-screened bruisers, we take a look at the latest smartphones hitting the CES show floor in 2016.

18 Images By January 6, 2016


Size matters: The biggest booths of CES 2016

Feast your eyes on the behemoth booths scattered around various halls at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

13 Images By January 8, 2016


The most important thing at CES? Mullions

Don't know what a mullion is? Don't worry -- we'll explain.

By January 8, 2016


All that matters on the first day of CES 2016

CES is open for business in Las Vegas and the news is coming fast. CNET breaks down what you need to know.

By January 6, 2016


Coffee grind size: Why it matters and what you should be using

Grind size can be the difference in a delicious or an unpleasant, bitter cup of coffee. Learn why grind size matters and which setting you should be using for your coffee at home.

By December 22, 2015


Play Chess in Facebook Messenger with this secret command

Instead of wasting time by sending stickers to Facebook friends, challenge him or her to a game of chess.

By February 4, 2016


Black Friday is Nov. 27. Here's why it doesn't matter

Consumers have no reason to wait for the day after Thanksgiving to nab great deals.

By November 7, 2015