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Report: Toshiba, Matsushita will jointly make small EL displays

Toshiba and Matsushita will jointly manufacture electroluminescent displays as they look to match Korean manufacturers, according to a report in a Japanese publication.

By July 20, 2008


Kodak settles patent suit with Matsushita

Under the settlement, the companies are cross-licensing each others' patents, and Matsushita is paying royalties, Eastman Kodak says.

By December 28, 2007


Matsushita to top Samsung with 103-inch plasma TV

World's biggest producer of plasma TVs is planning to sell the world's largest plasma TV by early 2007.

By July 10, 2006


<b>Matsushita CW-7502B CD-R firmware and Toast updates coming

Matsushita CW-7502B CD-R firmware and Toast updates coming

By February 25, 1998


Panasonic is now Panasonic, says Panasonic

The company will abandon the Matsushita name and just go with its street name.

By January 10, 2008


A measure of Apple's success: Oppenheimer cites Japan

Apple's success has been particularly noteworthy in Japan, a market where national champions once seemed unassailable.

By April 23, 2013


Toshiba looking at OLED TVs too

Get your head into OLED Fred

By April 11, 2007