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Staples Connect wants to mastermind a more unified smart home (pictures)

This smart home solution can integrate multiple devices into a single, easy-to-use ecosystem.

6 Images By January 27, 2014


iTunes mastermind 'working on Apple television'

Apple has reportedly got the man behind iTunes working on the company's hotly rumoured TV set.

By October 25, 2011


Nexia Bridge

For a monthly fee, this little device will mastermind your home automation needs.

September 9, 2013


SpyEye malware inventor pleads guilty to bank fraud

Aleksandr Panin is the alleged mastermind behind 1.4 million computers being infected with malicious software that's capable of stealing users' credit card and banking information.

By January 28, 2014


Koloroo KolorWheel makes your iPod a color-scheme mastermind

The Koloroo KolorWheel is a widget for the iPod that turns it into a color wheel.

By March 21, 2007


Bob Geldof will be first rock-n-roller to blast into space

The Boomtown Rats frontman and Live Aid mastermind is scheduled to be a passenger on a commercial flight to go see the cosmos up close and personal.

By September 11, 2013


Karl Rove stroking a Mac: Bad for both brands?

During Fox News Election broadcast, famed Republican mastermind Karl Rove was seen to be using a Mac. Was this a little uncomfortable?

By November 6, 2012


CNET UK Podcast 257: A tribute to Steve Jobs

We pay tribute to Steve Jobs, the charismatic and visionary mastermind behind Apple.

By October 6, 2011


'Spore' fans, don't fret: It's still coming next spring

Video games mastermind Will Wright confirms Electronic Arts is planning on a spring 2008 release for the much-awaited "Spore."

By October 24, 2007