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Anki's Cozmo robot is a mashup of adorable and AI (Tomorrow Daily 384)

We can't wait to get our hands on this cute little robot; he's got some neat features we're dying to try out.

By June 27, 2016


Westeros and Zelda collide in 'Game of Hyrule' mashup video

The bloody acts of violence and wanton sex from "Game of Thrones" get crammed into Nintendo's squeaky clean fantasy universe (if you don't count the blatant butchering of chickens) in a new fan film.

By April 20, 2016


'Game of Thrones' mashup makes Donald Trump at home in Westeros

Whether you think Trump's speaking truth to power or from another universe, the Republican sensation makes a certain amount of sense in Westeros.

By February 22, 2016


Grab your popcorn! Best movie trailers of 2015 in a mashup video

Catch up on the best explosions, car chases, fight scenes and tender moments in over 100 clips from mainstream and indie movie trailers released this year. How many new films do you still need to see?

By December 5, 2015


Awkward 'Star Wars Holiday Special' awakens in fan's mashup trailer

After watching this "Force Awakens" mashup, you may never see the embarrassing "Star Wars Holiday Special" the same way again.

By November 30, 2015


'Star Wars' meets The Onion in these amusing headline mashups

Tumblr user Skygawker creates a series of images using "Star Wars" scenes to highlight headlines from the satirical news site The Onion. May the Farce be with you.

By September 4, 2015


'Star Wars' and Daft Punk collide in funky mashup

Darth Vader wears an LED helmet and Boba Fett rides a light-up skateboard as the electronic music dance party of Daft Punk collides with the "Star Wars" universe.

By August 26, 2015


A Donald Trump Bluetooth speaker as bold as the man himself

A Russian company invites audiophiles to play Donald Trump "like he's been playing you" with a Bluetooth speaker embedded in a bust of the GOP presidential nominee.

By July 27, 2016


Here's that mashup of 'Star Wars' and 'True Detective' you wanted

The "Star Wars" galaxy collides with the "True Detective" universe in an opening-credits sequence full of droids, Jedi and Sith.

By August 10, 2015


Taylor Swift meets 'Harry Potter' in mashup you didn't know you needed

A new fan-made song about "Harry Potter" is making the rounds, and this one brings the wizard into "Blank Space" by mashing up Potter stories with Taylor Swift melodies.

By August 4, 2015