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Masdar City to test GE 'smart' appliances

Pilot program in Abu Dhabi's planned carbon-neutral city will test grid coordination with appliances to run nonessential functions during off-peak hours.

By October 5, 2009


Abu Dhabi's Masdar bets $2 billion on thin-film solar

Another 210 megawatts of thin-film solar capacity is set to go online in two years from Abu Dhabi clean-tech fund.

By May 29, 2008


Masdar City in Abu Dhabi to lay claim to greenest city

A model of Masdar City--a zero-waste, zero-emissions city--will be shown on Monday. The plan includes banning cars.

By January 18, 2008


Green-tech news harvest: Turning CO2 to stone, health problems with Priuses?

Senate hears from ethanol experts; new microbes for biofuels; a profile of Masdar City; scientists look to liquify and petrify CO2 for storage; the lowdown on carbon trading;

By May 8, 2008


Solar tower of power coming to Spain, Abu Dhabi

Torresol Energy, a joint venture of Masdar and Sener, aims to create 1 gigawatt of energy--the equivalent of a large coal-fired power plant--from solar thermal power plants in 10 years.

By March 13, 2008


Green news harvest: Fuel-cell gadget charger, liquor-powered iPod

Shai Agassi's Project Better Place sees the future in electric cars; shareholder resolutions related to climate change grow; Masdar opens solar plant in Germany; Coskata goes through the ringer; John McCain casts doubt on clean tech.

By August 21, 2008


Renewables are the New Oil in at Least One Middle Eastern Oil Nation

Last year the government of Abu Dhabi made a splash in energy investment circles by anchoring a cleantech fund - one of a number of their initiatives in clean energy in solar, hydrogen, carbon capture, and others.

By July 10, 2007


IBM, Saudis partner on 'green' nanotech lab

A lab to develop solar power, seawater desalination, and recyclable materials is the latest clean-tech investment from Middle East countries.

By March 3, 2008


More solar options for charging on the go

Konarka Technologies' flexible solar panels find their way onto backpacks in Europe and shade structures in Middle East and North Africa.

By October 29, 2009


Green news harvest: Hope for rebuilding power grid?

Feed-in tariff for Florida, U.S. way off on next-generation biofuels goals, pondering Google's energy plans, podcars in Ithaca, and more.

By October 17, 2008