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Bluetooth BERO robot inspired by Android mascot

Control this cute 4-inch droid with your Bluetooth phone. It's a Kickstarter project now, but may be a real Android-style bot in the future.

By August 28, 2012


Why Facebook should have chosen blue hedgehog mascot

According to a Facebook employee, Sean Parker was very keen for Facebook to have a mascot--a blue hedgehog. How different might the company have been today?

By February 1, 2011


A modest proposal: Twitter, meet your new mascot

Why the giant prehistoric whale with 14-inch-long teeth is a far better illustration of the microblogging site's problems than its current cuddly cartoon cetacean.

By July 2, 2010


Ceatec Day 3 -- mascots, bling and 3D (of course)

Scenes from the show floor of Ceatec 2009.

By October 7, 2009


Photos: Ceatec Day 3--mascots, bling, and 3D (of course)

It's the third day of the Ceatec trade show in Tokyo and we've got photos of 3D surgery, bling for your PC, and a device for your skull. Bonus: play find the CNET reporter.

11 Images By October 7, 2009


Panasonic robot mascot off to Le Mans

Panasonic says a robot mascot for its Evolta-brand AA batteries will ride in a three-wheeled remote-controlled car at the Le Mans endurance circuit in France.

By July 28, 2009


Windows 7 beta gets a mascot

There's a reason Microsoft chose the specific fish it did for the desktop wallpaper in this version of Windows 7.

By January 13, 2009


The mascots of the Web 2.0 Expo

It's a bubble. You can tell because of the mascots.

By April 23, 2008


Olympics mascot gets its own phone

"Fuwa Huanhan" adorns a new handset, only for the Chinese market.

By September 17, 2007


March of the mascots

March of the mascots

By May 11, 2006