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Music vid shows digital retouch of woman in real time

As a statement on unrealistic beauty standards, a Hungarian pop singer has released a music video in which she undergoes the sort of digital transformation usually seen in glossy magazines.

By January 24, 2014


Facebook Deals bags you a bargain when you check in

Facebook Deals gives you vouchers and coupons when you check in with its Places system. Check into Starbucks, for example, and grab a free muffin...

By January 31, 2011


Facebook Deals' first-day offers are a great deal of hype

Facebook Deals launched in the UK today, so we've taken a closer look at the big deals on day one. And there isn't a great deal to be excited about...

By January 31, 2011


Battery-operated mascara does the work for you

Estee Lauder has introduced what is believed to be the first tube of vibrating mascara.

By June 16, 2008


'Virtual mirror' tells you how to look better

Imagine the day when a mirror tells you what shade of lipstick to wear. That day has already arrived at Boots stores in the U.K. and a handful of Wal-Marts here in the U.S.

By September 1, 2010


Car gadget foolery--Jasmine's Tech Dos & Don'ts

Get schooled by CNET editor Jasmine France. This week: using your gadgets in the car and on the road.

By April 15, 2010


Take your eyelashes for a spin

Another product that unites beauty and gadgets, the SpinLash mascara brush rotates during application.

By August 13, 2008


Gadgettes 95: The beauty and the butt episode

Beauty...that's the easy part. Working "butt" into the podcast in multiple places, now that's simply raw talent.

By June 20, 2008


Tulip E-Go: A laptop with panache

If your laptop is black or silver then it's officially old hat. Sell that sucker on eBay and replace it with one of the sexiest laptops on the market: the Tulip E-Go

By March 24, 2006