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The Martini Hourglasses keep track of drinking time

Discover non-drinking drinking games with these Martini Hourglasses. Each drink houses an hourglass in its stem.

By November 6, 2013


Never be out of reach of a martini again

The BarGoGo Transformer Portable Bar means that you'll have access to a bar anywhere you want to go.

By October 30, 2009


A martini of metal

Take your martini one step further with the sleek Stainless Steel Martini Glass.

By July 18, 2009


Martini Life launches as hub for affluent individuals

Martini Life has launched to provide affluent individuals with all the news they want about their interests.

By December 4, 2008


Martini glass set ends 'shaken, not stirred' debate

Martini Glass Chillers keep drinks ice-cold, by separating ice from drink.

By November 13, 2008


Martini Media raises Series A funds

This affluent-ad network has raised an undisclosed amount of funding and hired a new CEO to target rich people.

By October 27, 2008


A machine-made martini? Blasphemy

We pray that they did their homework before making this appliance.

By November 15, 2007


Google's NY press party: light on the cool news, heavy on the colorful martinis

Top-level Google employees showed up for a cocktail party that had gained notoriety in the local press when business and tech reporters were apparently shut out in favor of "consumer" news. Well, not quite.

By October 4, 2007


How to make an 'Apple iMartini'

Steve Jobs would be proud.

By January 9, 2007


Walking in 007's shoes: London's spy trail

Crave correspondent John Scott Lewinski walks in the steps of the real-life British spies who inspired Ian Fleming's most famous character -- and knocks back a martini in Bond's honor.

By October 24, 2012