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Netflix didn't get the sales boost it hoped for

Although it now reaches almost every country in the world, Netflix offers mostly English content. It plans to change that in upcoming months.

By April 18, 2016


Smartwatch shipments triple, but Apple's market share slips

Global shipments grew more than 200 percent in the first quarter, but Apple's share of the market it helped create has dropped to a little more than half.

By April 27, 2016


It's not just Apple: Global smartphone market shrinks for the first time ever

Research firm Strategy Analytics says smartphone sales dropped 3 percent last year, with Samsung leading the slowing market.

By April 27, 2016


Smartphone market's glory days are ending

With phone ownership reaching the saturation point in significant markets, a top analyst says the industry will find it trickier than ever to find new buyers.

By February 23, 2016


Jaguar pounces on the SUV market with the F-Pace

Jaguar might be the sibling of SUV king Land Rover, but the F-Pace looks like a completely different animal.

By April 8, 2016


Our first impressions of Tesla's game-changing Model 3

Tesla's most affordable car should, by all rights, be its biggest. Check out our first impressions.

By April 1, 2016


Apple's marketing at 40: From reality distortion to the real thing

Technically Incorrect: Apple's marketing and its brand have changed over the years. What have they become?

By April 1, 2016


2017 BMW 330e iPerformance plugs in to US market (pictures)

BMW's i3 and i8 plug-in technology has trickled down to its high-volume 3 Series.

27 Images By March 23, 2016


Chevrolet's Bolt EV has entered preproduction, can it beat Tesla's Model 3 to market?

Chevrolet's Bolt EV is one step closer to production, will it beat Tesla's Model 3 to showrooms?

By March 22, 2016


Robotic exoskeleton for paraplegics approved for market

A robotic exosuit that will help paraplegics stand and walk is the second to be approved for clinical and personal use by the FDA.

By March 13, 2016