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Coolest paper airplane ever and the plane nut who built it (Q&A)

Don't call Luca Iaconi-Stewart crazy. He'll do that himself. He built a gorgeous scale model of a Boeing 777-300ER, entirely out of manila folders. Now he tells CNET why he did it.

By January 21, 2014


Terra Motors launches electric tuk-tuk for Philippines

"E-trikes" are part of a movement to cut CO2 emissions and fuel costs in Asian cities. Manila wants 100,000 by 2016.

By March 29, 2013


Maclove's Apple cases send a message

The Messager case from Maclove is a stylish leather manila envelope that comes in various sizes for protecting Apple's mobile products.

By February 3, 2011


Jobs' keynote inspires manila envelope MacBook Air case

Jobs' keynote inspires manila envelope MacBook Air case

By January 17, 2008


Dri, 'What's Real (Say My Name Remix)': Free MP3 of the Day

Known till now for her Art in Manila membership, Adrianne Verhoeven here drops 14 letters and any hope of losing herself in the crowd. Download a free MP3 of "What's Real (Say My Name Remix)" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By September 4, 2008


MacBook Air gets more leather love

Yet another accessory maker copies the manila-envelope look.

By May 23, 2008


Lenovo's ingenious MacBook Air mockumentary

The manila folder was a great idea. Lenovo makes it even better.

By April 30, 2008


What the "Love" bug teaches about business ethics

At a conference in Manila, a Philippine executive points out that though officials are "not proud" of what the "I Love You" virus authors did, they "must harness their creativity."

July 31, 2000