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Why the word 'mango' might spell trouble online

There are certain words that online scammers use to suck the unsuspecting into their scams. "Acai" is one. "Mango" is another. A new study also suggests that Americans are generally more susceptible to scams than they'll admit.

By February 25, 2012


Microsoft intends to bring Xbox Live to iOS, Android games

Revealed in a job listing and later confirmed by Microsoft, the Xbox maker now wants to make its Live social gaming service the pre-eminent platform on mobile.

By March 3, 2014


Nokia Lumia 710 (T-Mobile) hands-on: Playful design, Mango for $49.99

CNET editor Brian Bennett spent a little quality time with the new Nokia Lumia 710 for T-Mobile. This affordable $49.99 smartphone runs fun Windows Phone Mango software, and features a 5-megapixel camera and a 4G data connection.

By December 14, 2011


First Nokia Windows Phone unlikely to launch before autumn 'Mango' update

Nokia may not be making Windows Phone 7 handsets after all. A report claims the company will wait until the 'Mango' update comes out this autumn, which will have a different name.

By February 16, 2011


Google Wallet moves past NFC to support all Android phones

The new version of Google's virtual wallet can handle all phones running Android 2.3 or higher, and lets you send money to any U.S. resident with an e-mail address.

By September 17, 2013


Windows Phone Mango update coming to all eligible phones

Microsoft is rolling out the Mango update now to all eligible handsets -- so you should have your fill of Mango very soon.

By October 28, 2011


Microsoft and Nokia: Timeline of togetherness

Microsoft and Nokia have worked closely on Windows Phone since 2011, but the two companies have an even longer history.

By September 3, 2013


Mango now flowing to most Windows Phone users

Microsoft has fully turned on the tap for the new update to Windows Phone, making Mango available for the picking to just about every Windows Phone customer.

By October 20, 2011


Dell backing out of Windows Phone Mango?

Dell has decided not to release a planned Windows Phone Mango handset called the Dell Wrigley. Has it lost faith in WP Mango?

By October 9, 2011


Mango available for half of all Windows Phone users

The latest update to Windows Phone is now available for 50 percent of all users of Microsoft's mobile OS, as the company watches the rollout to make sure it stays on track.

By October 4, 2011