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Google+ rescinds real-name mandate

Reversing its three-year-old policy, Google relents and will now no longer require people to provide their real names to access Google+.

By July 15, 2014


X Prize winners, finalists: A 100 mpg mandate (photos)

For Automotive X Prize, scientists from around the world show that a 100 mpg challenge can be met and still provide safety to highway drivers.

8 Images By September 16, 2010


Blizzard backs off real-name forum mandate

Days after announcing a plan that would have required users to use their real first and last names on its online forums, WoW developer listens to user gripes and reverses its stance.

By July 9, 2010


If feds mandate brake override, GM, Honda have most work to do

Automotive News reports on a potential federal mandate for brake override systems in cars.

By March 11, 2010


Will 'fun factor' or mandates drive electric car sales?

The first wave of electric cars are targeting consumers willing to pay a premium for a greener machine, but government mandates to get them on the road are also needed, say experts at MIT Energy conference.

By March 6, 2010


Spain mandates affordable broadband for all

The country's government is following the lead of Finland and making affordable broadband a legal right.

By November 20, 2009


California approves efficiency mandate for TVs

The California Energy Commission approves a measure to ratchet down power consumption of televisions sold in the state starting in 2011.

By November 18, 2009


Preferences, not mandates, for open source

Government policies that express preferences for open source can help fuel adoption, but government mandates arguably achieve the opposite.

By October 14, 2009


Japan may mandate louder hybrid cars

Japan's near-silent hybrid cars have been called dangerous by the vision-impaired and some users, prompting a government review on whether to add a noise-making device, an official said.

By July 5, 2009


Mandate for papers, advertisers: Innovate or die

Has the post-advertising age finally arrived? With a blurring line between commercial and editorial content, publishers are turning into marketing agencies.

By April 11, 2009