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Multiple copies of Mail messages miff much maligned Mac users

MacFixIt reader "Bob D." sends us an issue with Snow Leopard's Mail where multiple copies of messages are downloaded to a user's inbox.

By November 6, 2009


Economy takes down much-maligned JuicyCampus

Larry Magid won't miss the site and its so-called "lighthearted gossip of college life" that he says was, in many situations, vicious innuendos, hateful messages, and downright lies.

By February 5, 2009


Scientists create 'highway of death' for cancer

Instead of relying on drugs to kill tumors, Georgia Tech researchers engineer artificial pathways to lure malignant cells to their death, using a "Pied Piper" approach to treating cancer.

By February 17, 2014


Intelligent 'iKnife' diagnoses cancer midsurgery

Instead of sending tissue to a lab and waiting 30 minutes before resuming surgery, surgeons hope the iKnife will let them know instantly whether something is malignant.

By July 18, 2013


Gentle touch of nanochip can detect oral cancer

Researchers at Rice University find a simple swipe of a diagnostic biochip to be 93 percent "specific" in detecting which patients had malignant and premalignant lesions.

By April 6, 2010


New ultrasound tech could improve cancer detection

When it comes to detecting cancer, ultrasound is simply too low-res to compare with CT scans and MRIs. Up the resolution, though, and the less expensive, radiation-free alternative could become an ideal alternative.

By January 31, 2014


New drug called Snapchat hospitalising users

Australian police have issued a warning about a new drug called Snapchat, branded with the Snapchat logo and based on bath salts.

By June 15, 2014


HTC designer indicted for leaking upcoming mobile interface

HTC's ex-lead designer has been indicted for leaking company secrets, as well as taking kickbacks from suppliers.

By December 29, 2013


Hybrid imaging device spots ovarian cancer early

Researchers in Connecticut and California combine previously unrelated imaging tools into a new device that appears capable of diagnosing early-stage ovarian cancer via minimally invasive surgery.

By September 13, 2011


San Francisco tech shuttle pilot program clears road block appeal

The controversial "Google bus" pilot program will go ahead without the environmental review opponents appealed for, but now the tech industry backlash undercurrents at play may only intensify.

By April 1, 2014