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Specs compared: Samsung Galaxy Note vs. Note 2 vs. Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 is now on sale in Australia, but how does it compare to previous models?

By October 2, 2013


Simplifying Archos' set of Elements tablets

Need help differentiating between an Archos Platinum tablet and an Archos Titanium tablet? We've got your Archos Elements covered.

By March 28, 2013


Hands-on with the 13.3-inch Archos Family Pad tablet

Lightweight? No. Portable? Iffy. Awesome for around the house? Absolutely. And you won't believe the price.

By February 1, 2013


Asus may be cooking up another low-cost Android tablet

New benchmarks hint at a budget-minded Android 4.1 tablet with a 1GHz processor and a 1,024x600-pixel display.

By December 3, 2012


Six juicy Samsung Android rumors

Recent chatter includes details for a 7-inch Galaxy Note and a little something called the Galaxy S4.

By December 4, 2012


Archos unveils Android gaming tablet, GamePad

Equipped with gaming controls, the GamePad is also a 7-inch tablet.

By August 29, 2012


Android mini computer selling for just $74

The MK802 is slightly larger than a thumbdrive and has a microSD card slot to add to its built-in 4GB flash storage. Wi-Fi is also supported.

By May 22, 2012


Ice Cream Sandwich for £150 with the Disgo Tablet 8104

The Disgo Tablet 8104 is a new tablet offering Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android, for £150.

By May 2, 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 benchmarked, no 1080p screen?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has reportedly been benchmarked, with the screen resolution not being 1080p.

By March 4, 2012


Thumbdrive-size computer now available for preorder

It looks just like a USB stick, but this sweet device is actually a full-on computer, and you can order yours now.

By February 28, 2012