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Makerbot announces new 3D printers, including Mini and industrial strength models

The Brooklyn-based 3D printing company introduces new models, including the Makerbot Replicator Mini and Z18.

By January 6, 2014


3D-printed robotic hand cuts cost of prosthetics

Specifications for a 3D-printed prosthetic hand for a young boy born without a set of fingers is available as a free download on Thingiverse.

By February 3, 2013


Pulling back from open source hardware, MakerBot angers some adherents

What happens when a prime example of the open-source hardware movement locks down its products?

By September 27, 2012


MakerBot revamps Replicator 3D printer, adds retail store

With new printers, new user-friendly software, and a new retail store, MakerBot shows that it's serious about attracting the average consumer to 3D printing.

By September 19, 2012