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Techko Maid Smart Maid RS118

With no real smarts and relatively little actual cleaning power, this sad robot is borderline useless.

By May 9, 2014

2 stars Editors' rating May 9, 2014

Watch a meter maid lift illegally parked cabs off the ground

Technically Incorrect: If you're a tech company launching a new car buying site, it's best to show that you have the power. In this case, girl power.

By June 15, 2015


Cleaning house with the Techko Maid Smart Maid RS118 (pictures)

With dual mop and sweeper functionality, this floor cleaner wants to help you tidy up.

7 Images By May 9, 2014


Depressing performance from Techko Maid's robotic mop

The oddly-designed Smart Maid RS118 didn't clean up in our tests.

By May 9, 2014


Bellhop bots? This Japanese hotel will be run by robots

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, for helping me with my luggage. Hen-na Hotel in Japan is set to open with check-in bots and robot concierges, porters and maids. So we don't have to tip them, right?

By February 5, 2015


Rosie or Jarvis: The future of the smart home is still in the air

We're getting ready to live in a world where it's less about taking care of our homes, and more about our homes taking care of us. But will that come in the form of robot maids or intelligent homes?

By January 14, 2015


Start-up connects homeowners, workers

ServiceMagic.com, a San Francisco-based home services marketplace, hopes to cash in as an online connection point between homeowners and those who do handiwork. Customers must complete a service request form on the site, which will then list as many as three prescreened and interested service contractors, painters, maids or other professionals. The site will also offer performance ratings from neighbors. Although ServiceMagic is targeting home owners specifically, broader-based personal service companies have not fared well. In October, home services and miscellaneous errands provider MyLackey.com closed after investors bailed out. The closure came six months after the Seattle-based company's ballyhooed debut and attempts by similar companies to do clients' chores.

May 29, 2001


Short Take: M.A.I.D. to acquire Knight-Ridder Information

M.A.I.D., an online supplier of business intelligence services, said that it has received shareholder approval of a resolution to acquire Knight-Ridder Information and Knight-Ridder Information AG. The acquisition, which will result in the formation of a new corporation called Dialog, is expected to be completed by the end of the week, immediately following listing of the combined company's ordinary shares on the London Stock Exchange.

November 10, 1997