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The magnetism of solar flares (pictures)

As magnetic fields on the sun rearrange and realign, sunspots appear in unstable configurations that lead to eruptions of solar flares.

20 Images By Feb. 28, 2013


Apple magnetism: 300 million store visitors since Oct. 2011

In 2011, Apple stores took in more revenue per square foot than any other retailer. For comparison, Apple had more than five times the revenue per square foot of Best Buy.

By Aug. 20, 2012


This week in Crave: The animal-magnetism edition

This week, we live-chatted with a bird on Facebook, climbed aboard a pirate ship, and pretended to be an evil-looking monster saving the world.

By May. 7, 2011


Inside CNET Labs 98: So much magnetism

Episode 98 is all you. You.

By Jul. 12, 2010


New drug delivery system uses magnetism

Researchers in Boston introduce a tiny implantable device whose membrane releases drugs with extreme precision, on demand, when triggered by a magnetic field.

By Sep. 19, 2009


JVC super-slim LCD concept: Master of magnetism

JVC is showing off a concept telly so slim, if it turns sideways you wonder where it's gone. It's also got something of a magnetic personality...

By Jan. 23, 2009


Science, art collide in amazing psychedelic photos

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner captures the beauty of basic scientific principles, using sound waves, ferro fluid, and magnets to create art.

By Oct. 5, 2013


Scientists inch closer to building a drug-delivering nanorobot

Researchers say their proof-of-concept is a major step toward designing a nanocage that carries medicine around the body and targets specific diseased cells.

By Dec. 3, 2013


A bionic ankle so natural, it's worth a happy dance

An artificial ankle created at the MIT Media Lab is made of chips and sensors that work together to adjust ankle stiffness, power, and position. One wearer was able to dance the rumba.

By Apr. 17, 2014


What are they drinking? Text message sent using...vodka

Using $100 worth of off-the-shelf electronics and sprays of alcohol, scientists sent the message 'O, Canada' a few meters across open space before it was decoded by a receiver.

By Dec. 20, 2013