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Magico Ultimate: The ultimate $600,000 speaker for the .001 percent

This speaker is so exclusive no U.S. dealer has a pair on display!

By August 3, 2013


Magico's heavy-metal speakers

Dense, all-metal speakers from Magico are wowing audiophiles all over the world.

By September 24, 2011


A $25,000 'bookshelf' speaker from Magico

Magico's Q1 speaker is sure to get a rise out of the audiophile community, just like the company's other state-of-the-art speakers have.

By May 15, 2011


Magico V2: A bargain-priced $18,000 speaker

Magico is set to introduce its least expensive speaker ever, the V2 floorstander for $18,000 a pair.

By December 9, 2008


The Magico Mini II: The world's best $30,000 bookshelf speaker?

The Audiophiliac listens to the Magico Mini II to see if it really as good as the high-end magazines say it is.

By January 28, 2008