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Magico Ultimate: The ultimate $600,000 speaker for the .001 percent

This speaker is so exclusive no U.S. dealer has a pair on display!

By August 3, 2013


Magico's heavy-metal speakers

Dense, all-metal speakers from Magico are wowing audiophiles all over the world.

By September 24, 2011


A $25,000 'bookshelf' speaker from Magico

Magico's Q1 speaker is sure to get a rise out of the audiophile community, just like the company's other state-of-the-art speakers have.

By May 15, 2011


Magico V2: A bargain-priced $18,000 speaker

Magico is set to introduce its least expensive speaker ever, the V2 floorstander for $18,000 a pair.

By December 9, 2008


The Magico Mini II: The world's best $30,000 bookshelf speaker?

The Audiophiliac listens to the Magico Mini II to see if it really as good as the high-end magazines say it is.

By January 28, 2008


Should the White House have a 'made in the USA' hi-fi?

With the election out of the way, the Audiophiliac would love to see the White House get an all-American hi-fi system.

By November 10, 2012


The heavy-metal-speaker man

Alon Wolf is a brave man; he started an American high-end speaker company in 2005.

By November 12, 2011


Precious metals: Stunningly beautiful high-end audio designs

The very best high-end audio gear looks amazing, and sounds so good your ears will jump for joy!

By September 16, 2010


The 404 910: Where we are baked fresh every day (podcast)

When Steve "The Audiophiliac" Guttenberg tells us he has ideas for the 404 Podcast, we listen. We invited him to sit down with us today to talk about Netflix splitting in half, which "high-end" audio manufacturers are making impossible claims about their products, and the headphones that just earned Steve's award for "Worst-Sounding Audio Ever."

By September 23, 2011


Sound Italian style: Sonus Faber Liuto speaker

High-end speakers aren't always sharp lookers, but that's never been a problem for Sonus Faber. The company makes some of the most stylish speakers you can buy.

By February 28, 2010