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RIP LulzSec. Now what?

commentary LulzSec may have called it quits, but they're just the latest to poke holes in the weak Web sites that litter the Internet.

By June 27, 2011


Hack and tell: Teen hacker Mafiaboy writes memoir

Michael Calce, aka "Mafiaboy," who shut down major Web sites in 2000, has written a tell-all book that is due out next week.

By October 3, 2008


FAQ: The ins and outs of DoS attacks

Twitter was offline for hours after suffering a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that targeted one user. Facebook and some Google sites also were hit. What happened and why?

By August 6, 2009


The 50 most significant moments of Internet history

The Internet has revolutionised the way we live, over almost 50 years of development. In this feature, we detail the 50 defining moments we feel are most significant to the Web

By September 25, 2008