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11 kinds of chameleon found masquerading as a single species

Chameleons in Madagascar previously thought to all belong to a single species have actually turned out to be 11 separate ones.

By May 26, 2015


New Madagascar dinosaur species had tiny arms

Almost 10 years have passed since a new Madagascar dinosaur species was introduced to the world. Please welcome the Dahalokely tokana to the archeological history books.

By April 22, 2013


Images: Bringing 'Madagascar' to life

DreamWorks Animation put high technology to work for its upcoming "fish out of water" comedy, "Madagascar."

May 23, 2005


'Madagascar' pushes tech limits

Breakthroughs in computing power allow animators to conjure up eye-catching effects for cast of animals on the film's namesake island. Images: Animal magic

By May 23, 2005


Police blotter: Porn-dialing firm loses appeal

A company with a downloadable dial-for-porn program that charged $3.99 a minute for calls to Madagascar loses appeal.

By March 31, 2006


HP introduces new utility-computing service

New data-crunching application for computer-aided engineering taps into the technology used for "Shrek 2" and "Madagascar."

By November 29, 2005