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Macy's fleece with video display turns you into a player

New men's holiday sweater by Puff Daddy's design company embeds an OLED display on the left arm. Add reindeers and snowmen to this thing and you're really getting festive.

By December 5, 2012


Macy's mirror lets your reflection try on clothes

The fashion retailer jumps onto the augmented-reality shopping bandwagon with a 72-inch multitouch mirror that lets shoppers hang clothes on their virtual selves.

By October 13, 2010


Kinect playable at Macy's months before launch

Gamers who want to try out Kinect, Microsoft's motion-gaming platform, will be able to do so at several Macy's retail locations nationwide starting now.

By July 16, 2010


Women's tech conference draws Macy's, not Google

The address for a new Sesame Street site was listed incorrectly. Information on the site can be found at SesameStreet.org.

By July 21, 2008


Women's tech conference draws Macy's, not Google

At the BlogHer 2008 conference, female bloggers are surrounded by the very mainstream brand advertisers that the Internet media industry has clamored to attract for the last 10 years.

By July 19, 2008


Dell at Macy's?

The direct PC king launches its new laptop line at New York's flagship department store; catwalk models help show off the computers' hot new colors.

May 21, 2008


Advocacy group protests Macy's privacy policy

The Electronic Frontier Foundation raises picket signs in front of Macy's San Francisco store in complaint of the retailer's privacy practices.

By June 12, 2001


Macys.com says no to unauthorized coupon codes

The site won't honor orders made with "unauthorized" coupon codes that some bargain hunters used to get up to 50 percent off goods, a representative says.

By January 25, 2001


Shoppers seize unauthorized discounts at Macys.com

Bargain hunters get an unauthorized discount at the online store using a series of coupon codes that aren't meant for public use to get up to 50 percent off goods.

By January 22, 2001