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Rovi, formerly Macrovision, announces Liquid media guide

Macrovision, best known for its digital rights management software, officially changed its name today to Rovi. To celebrate, the company announced a new media guide, code named "Liquid."

By July 16, 2009


Loeb Partners weighs in against Macrovision-Gemstar merger

Investment firm, which has a small stake in Macrovision, calls on other investors to scrutinize rationale for the $2.8 billion deal.

By January 10, 2008


Macrovision buys game download firm

Content-protection company agrees to buy Trymedia for $34 million in cash.

By July 26, 2005


Microsoft, Macrovision align on copy protection

Companies strike antipiracy deal aimed at stopping analog copies of movies, TV shows.

By January 31, 2005


Macrovision closes InstallShield deal

The maker of copy-protection technology spends $76 million on InstallShield, which makes software installation tools.

By July 1, 2004


Macrovision to pick up InstallShield

The former hopes to streamline its antipiracy technology with the latter's installation software.

By June 17, 2004


Macrovision sues DVD-copying firm

The copy-protection company is joining the movie industry in a legal fight against small software maker 321 Studios.

By January 7, 2004


New copy-proof DVDs on the way?

Hackers broke through the antipiracy wrappers on DVDs years ago. Macrovision says it can now plug that hole--mostly.

By February 15, 2005


Macrovision splits into two units

The digital rights management company says it decided to reorganize because entertainment and software companies have different protection needs.

June 17, 2003