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real-time spectrum analyzer VST plug-in

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Free Music Download - Fusic Lite

This is an unrestricted Music Downloader. Download as many songs as you want for FREE!!!Supports popular sites such as Jamendo and Last.fm!Key...

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Fast and flexible music production studio.

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Get Music Dashboard Widgets, Tools, Tips, News and Support right from your Mac OS X Dashboard.

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mac.column.ted: The Demise of Troubleshooters?

A personal farewell. This is my final mac.column.ted column. It also represents the end of my formal association with MacFixIt. As many of you know, I founded this site back in 1996 and sold it to TechTracker in 2000. Over the ensuing years,

By August 28, 2009


mac.column.ted: The Non-Terminal Users Guide to Not Using Terminal: Part 2

Ted Landau
May 2009

A search of the Web reveals a wealth of information about how to use Mac OS X's Terminal application to solve problems or to enhance your system. However, as I explained in By June 5, 2009


mac.column.ted: The non-Terminal users guide to not using Terminal

Mac users happily browse the Web, check their e-mail, use iTunes and iPhoto, or run Microsoft Office--all without any thought as to what may be going on behind the scenes. Which is exactly as it should be. A host of easy-to-use utilities allow you to acco

By April 24, 2009


mac.column.ted: Secrets of the Dual-Band AirPort Extreme

Apple's latest version of its AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS) supports simultaneous dual-band. As Apple explains, this means that the new Extreme has separate "2.4GHz and 5GHz bands...to ensure top performance for all your devices." As this was a feat

By March 20, 2009


mac.column.ted: The Macintosh: Changing our lives every day for 25 years

There's a lot going on this week. Amidst the celebration of the Obama Inauguration, let's not forget that this week is also the 25th anniversary of the Macintosh. For me, this occasion offers a time for reflection

By January 23, 2009


mac.column.ted: Macworld Expo remembered

Even if Macworld Expo survives, it won't be the Expo we have come to know over these years.

By December 29, 2008


mac.column.ted: Searching for good searching

How is it that the Web sites of many of the world's biggest and most technology-oriented companies have such pitiful search capabilities? Searching these Web sites can be a bit like taking off in a jumbo jetliner and discovering that the aircraft's prima

By December 2, 2008


Taking your iPhone overseas

Later this week, I'm off for a trip to Japan. I never go anywhere without my iPhone anymore. Japan will be no exception. But I will be taking the phone with some trepidation. Knowing that international charges can be exorbitant, I've spent a good deal of

By September 29, 2008


Five "under-the-hood" things you should know about App Store apps

Here's a Q&A detailing 5 things you should definitely know.

By September 19, 2008


mac.column.ted: iPhone 3G and MobileMe: New features add little value

The more time I spend with my new iPhone 3G and the new MobileMe software, the more I find that neither of these upgrades were worth the bother.

By July 28, 2008