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An Apple watch? The hints have been out there

commentary If you know where to look, there have been signs aplenty of Apple gearing up to launch a watch and of the kinds of content we might expect to see on it.

By February 11, 2014


iPod Nano watch gets facelift

Doubling as a watch thanks to special bands created by iWatchz and other companies, the iPod Nano now has 16 new clock faces to choose from, along with a fitness tracker.

By October 5, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1438: Microsoft and the crushing anvils of irony (Podcast)

Microsoft tries to poke the European antitrust bear and point them in the direction of Google--ok, guys. Just, you know, beware of karma. Also, Google cracks down on the Android chaos (and hopefully the crapware, too), the +1 button points to, yet again, the all-consuming importance of recommendations, and Samsung did not--I repeat, did NOT--install keylogger software on its laptops. Plus, introducing our new app, Smart Fart. (Sigh.) --Molly

By March 31, 2011


Remote-controlled paintball bot shoots to thrill

Ultimate weapon for weekend warriors has battle potential for the real thing. Think monster truck meets Panzer meets adolescent tech fantasy.

By March 1, 2011


Five coolest things I saw at Macworld 2011

While Macworld 2011 is sarcastically referred to as the "iPhone and iPad accessories show" by many attendees, CNET editor Nicole Lee still saw a few items that piqued her interest.

By January 28, 2011


How Apple whiffed on the new iPod Nano

The new iPod Nano with its multitouch screen and tiny design is a beautiful object--until you stick a headphone cord into it. That's why the next stop in the iPod's evolution should be all about cutting the cord.

By December 16, 2010


Crave 26: Ice screens and Oprah things (podcast)

Oprah's giving away iPads, Nokia's developing ice technologies, Netflix offers a streaming-only plan, and Donald updates us on the latest in beer-serving robots.

By November 23, 2010


Spycams that can see around corners

You can now sign into MySpace with your Facebook account, a woman in China is sentenced to a year in a labor camp because of a tweet, and scientists have invented a camera that can photograph around corners.

By November 19, 2010