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Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking win Luddite award as AI 'alarmists'

The world's most famous visionaries, including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, are included in a "loose coalition" of experts blamed for artificial intelligence scare tactics.

By January 19, 2016


Why you should watch 'Longmire,' a love letter to Luddites with a cowboy twist

Commentary: Now that Netflix has renewed "Longmire," CNET's Bonnie Burton tells you why you'll want to start binge-watching a crime drama about a sheriff who refuses to get a cell phone.

By November 3, 2015


MegaPhone iPhone dock for Luddites

Go super-duper retro with the MegaPhone iPhone amplifier. There are no batteries or cords, just a big ceramic horn to boost your iPhone's sound.

By November 9, 2011


HTC Puccini tablet photos imply UK may have to wait

New photos of HTC's upcoming Android Honeycomb tablet indicate it will use new 4G LTE tech -- bad news for us mobile luddites in the UK.

By August 24, 2011


Teletext is dead: Happy Christmas, luddites!

Today is Nate's birthday. To celebrate, Teletext is being switched off. A rubbish present if you ask us. But unfortunately it was just too much of a cash drain

By December 15, 2009


Why are doctors such Luddites?

They're quick to embrace new medical technology, but don't ask them to use a computer. CBSNews.com's Charles Cooper explores a generation gap.

May 20, 2009


Wikipedia gets $890,000 for the Luddites

User-built online encyclopedia receives grant to hire new developers, with a goal of making the occasionally confusing interface friendlier to non-geek contributors.

By December 3, 2008


Just5: The cell phone that boasts fewer features

As mobile phone technology leads to more complex--and arguably more functional--mobile phones, Just5 releases a new and unimproved line designed for Luddites.

By July 7, 2010


'Let me Google that for you' shows Luddite friends how to search

Send your friends the way of reason with a new service that shows them how to use the popular search engine.

By November 20, 2008


What's not to crave about a pole dancing bike?

What's not to crave about a pole dancing bike? We can think of a few things, actually, but it's still pretty cool. Donald, Eric, and Jasmine also have a go at a super simple phone for luddites and get very serious about George Lucas's neck fat. Plus, Jasmine wants to take a ride in GUSS, Donald has a massive crush on a limbless robot, and Eric wants to take a date to Burger King. Finally, a little bit of ear candy for the MP3 Insider holdovers with some knobtastic speaker furniture.

By July 13, 2010