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Lucent, Alcatel end merger talks

The companies' executives call off a potential merger of the telecommunications equipment giants, raising new questions about the future of one of America's premier research labs.

May 29, 2001


Techs eye Lucent, Alcatel deal

Long-awaited word of a merger between the two companies kicks off the trading week.

May 29, 2001


The demise of Bell Labs, a pictorial

Bell Labs was one of the most important technology company of all time.

By August 28, 2008


Microsoft wins reversal of MP3 patent decision

Microsoft, pending appeals, will no longer have to pay Alcatel-Lucent $1.5 billion after a judge ruled it had a valid license for a patent related to MP3 technology.

By August 6, 2007


OpNext closes $321 million round

OpNext, the former optical components division of Hitachi, announced earlier this month that it closed a round of funding worth $321 million from Clarity Group, an equal partnership between Los Angeles-based Clarity Partners, a private equity investment firm, and Marubeni Group, a Japan-based trading house. OpNext makes active components like chips for Lucent, Alcatel and Ciena, and plans to make a public offering when market conditions become more favorable. Hitachi currently owns about a 70 percent stake in the company, according to OpNext representative Caroline Kinlin, and announced the creation of the company in Sept. 2000. OpNext said at the time that Clarity group was prepared to make an investment of up to $450 million in the separate company. OpNext operates manufacturing plants in Japan and has a development facility in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

August 7, 2001


Commentary: Lucent merger wouldn't fix problems

Although a merger between Alcatel and Lucent would have benefited some, it would likely not have solved the difficulties that led the companies to contemplate the deal in the first place.

May 30, 2001


Investors don't buy Lucent acquisition rumor

Wall Street loves a good rumor, especially one as tantalizing as France's Alcatel buying Lucent Technologies for $40 billion. But most people aren't buying it.

May 18, 2001


Lucent mulls sale of fiber-optics unit

The struggling telecommunications equipment maker says it is considering a variety of options for the unit, including a joint venture or an outright sale.

March 14, 2001