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Oracle releases 'buggy' Java SE7

Developers are reporting that the version contains bugs that could cause a Java Virtual Machines to crash or affect applications. SE7 is the first milestone since Oracle bought Java's creator, Sun.

By July 29, 2011


Open-source Lucene threatens Microsoft, Google enterprise search

As the open-source search project Lucene grows in credibility and commercialization, it poses a clear and present danger to the proprietary search businesses of Microsoft, Google, Autonomy, and more.

By July 16, 2009


LinkedIn and MySpace upgrade search with open-source Lucene

Lucene is the latest open-source project to become popular with Web developers.

By November 25, 2008


Integration is the new innovation

In a world awash in open-source software, the market leaders will be those that can integrate and present it best.

By March 31, 2010


IBM BigSheets to preserve fleeting Web data

Big Blue's new analytics software project will help extract, annotate, and visually analyze terabytes of Web information. Among its early adopters: the British Library.

By February 24, 2010


The 'year of the Linux desktop' has passed

Many in the open-source community have been waiting for the "Linux desktop" to arrive for years, but they appear to have missed obvious signs that we're beyond it.

By February 18, 2010


Microsoft dropping FAST search for Linux, Unix

Microsoft is getting set to phase out its FAST enterprise search offerings for Linux and Unix. Will customers move to cloud-based search or move to Windows?

By February 6, 2010


Why would a Googler use Solr for search?

The open-source Apache Solr, rather than Google's own search technology, is powering the All for Good site, which says as much about Google as it does about Solr.

By August 31, 2009


Survey: Linux users love Google, ignore Bing

The open-source crowd prides itself on diversity, but Linux "desktop" users' search behavior reveals anything but diversity, given its 94 percent "vote" for Google.

By August 21, 2009


Vendors increasingly control leading open-source projects

The market research suggests that commercialization of open source will make it expensive compared to proprietary solutions, but the facts don't bear out this assertion.

By August 5, 2009