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Facebook ad puts lubricant joke on slippery slope

Nick Bergus posts a joke on Facebook about an Amazon listing for a 55-gallon tub of personal lubricant. Soon, he becomes the unwitting pitchman for the product. Social ads, anyone?

By February 28, 2012


More on PowerBook screen hinge stiffness: Lubrication

More on PowerBook screen hinge stiffness: Lubrication

By April 27, 2004


Behind the scenes: Making fuel for a Formula One team

Last week, at the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix, we spoke to Lisa Lilley, Shell's technology manager for Ferrari, about how Shell formulates the fuel and lubricants that it supplies to the Ferrari F1 race team.

By April 5, 2009


Amyris cranks up biochemical production in Brazil

Amyris is set to begin producing chemicals at a large scale through a contract manufacturing deal--a big step for the renewable chemical and biofuels industry, which has struggled to scale up.

By April 29, 2011


Dow takes plunge into bioplastics in Brazil

In joint venture, Dow Chemical to make plastics from sugar-cane-derived ethanol and plastics to cut its use of fossil fuel feedstocks.

By July 19, 2011


A/C Pro recharge kit: A DIY fix for aging car air conditioners

We test A/C Pro's claim that it can have your car's worn-out air conditioner blowing cold in just 10 minutes.

By July 23, 2012


Amyris hits production snags in biofuel operations

The company, which makes biofuel from a microbes, said it will stay the course, and expects a demo flight with its biofuel soon.

By February 13, 2012


Sugar for oil: Renmatix lands BASF as investor

Startup gets heavy hitter BASF as investor to advance new method of blasting wood chips with supercritical water at high temperature and pressure to break off the sugars in non-food biomass.

By January 3, 2012


U.S. ponies up for clean fuel tech

Federal government has more than $175 million it's looking to give to automakers and research groups working on technologies such as advanced car batteries.

By August 11, 2011


Molecules for sale: Biofuel outfits bet on chemicals

Making industrial chemicals from plants is easier to crack into than the cut-rate world of transportation fuels for young green-tech companies seeking a commercial foothold.

By May 9, 2011