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Panda Quick Remove for Sasser.B

Remove the Sasser.B worm from you computer with this tool.

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Microsoft fixes three flaws with two patches; one is critical

The software giant addresses three vulnerabilities within the Windows operating system.

By January 8, 2008


Worm spells double trouble for PCs

Combined mass-mailing worm and network worm attempts to hijack computers and to launch a DOS attack on Symantec's Web site.

By July 15, 2005


Saddam Hussein 'death' photos used as worm bait

Mass-mailing worm claims to offer photos that show Saddam Hussein killed after trying to escape from custody.

By February 3, 2005


Web on watch for common enemies

news analysis Banner-ad attack and threat of Java flaw point--again--to the dangers of relying on a single technology.

By November 29, 2004


Bobax worm takes tip from Sasser

A new worm that turns infected computers into launch pads for spam and other attacks is making the rounds, using the same Microsoft security vulnerability Sasser took advantage of.

By May 19, 2004


Author leaves warning in latest Sasser worm

Antivirus companies discovered a fifth version of the Sasser variant this weekend, within hours of German police arresting an 18-year-old man who confessed to being the Sasser worm's author.

By May 10, 2004


Sasser worm begins to spread

A worm starts spreading through the Internet using a vulnerability in a widely used component of the Windows operating system.

By May 1, 2004


Netsky authors possibly penned Sasser

The programmers who created the latest variant of Netsky claim to be the authors of Sasser--and evidence from the code supports their assertion.

By May 3, 2004


Worm warning intensifies

Security companies urge clients to patch their Windows systems, as concerns heighten that an MSBlast-like worm will be released soon--perhaps even as early as this weekend, according to one firm.

By April 30, 2004


New worm's got sass, but not much else

The latest worm could spread widely, but security experts believe that computer users got lucky because the program is poorly coded.

By May 3, 2004