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Assembly bot Baxter wants to get close to you (Q&A)

Boston startup Rethink Robotics thinks its new humanoid factory worker is so low-cost and easy to set up that it could change U.S. manufacturing. Crave spoke to Rethink founder Rodney Brooks.

By September 18, 2012


Cree claims LED production cost, color solution

LED maker says manufacturing breakthrough will result in low-cost warm white LED option for 25-watt bulbs. The announcement follows a comprehensive patent deal with Osram.

By April 6, 2011


Ex-Seagate CEO to head LED maker Bridgelux

Bill Watkins makes the leap from disk drives to LEDs at start-up Bridgelux, where he plans to attack the general lighting market with low-cost manufacturing.

By January 12, 2010


Research firm calls for Asian innovation

Asia's success with low-cost manufacturing is making IT companies there reluctant to seize their own lucrative opportunities, an IDC analyst says.

April 28, 2003


"Server appliances" threaten manufacturers' revenues

Compaq debuts some of its new "server appliances," systems built around a single goal, like speed or low cost, in a way that could radically undermine the server business.

By July 7, 1999


IBM melds commercial, consumer features in new PC

Big Blue quietly introduces a small, low-cost commercial PC starting at $679, its first product since recently retooling its PC design and manufacturing operation.

April 20, 2000


Short Take: Cisco pens deal with Hitachi

Cisco Systems announced a deal with the Hitachi Semiconductor subsidiary of Hitachi America to jointly develop and market low-cost voice and data communications tools for use with the Net. The two firms hope their respective strengths in networking and semiconductor manufacturing can spur the market for IP-based telephone devices. First reference designs from the partnership are scheduled to debut in the first quarter of 1999.

September 30, 1998