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Thanks to its clean design and wealth of apartment search tools, Lovely is a great resource for finding a new place to live.

By January 3, 2014

3.5 stars Editors' rating January 3, 2014

Man buns may hit Westeros (yay?) with Jon Snow haircut

Rest easy. The biggest "Game of Thrones" mystery has been solved, and the whole Internet is a lie.

By May 4, 2016


Apple wants you to use your iPhone, love your mom and cry

Technically Incorrect: In a special Mother's Day ad, Apple goes for the tear ducts.

By May 1, 2016


Robot Buddhist monk can tell you what love is

Technically Incorrect: Can spiritual intelligence be artificial? Can a robot be the guide to your soul? Some monks in China think so. That's why they created a robot monk.

By April 27, 2016


10 home gadgets your mom will love this Mother's Day (pictures)

Your mom has done a lot for you over the years, so why not give back this Mother's Day with an awesome home appliance or connected gadget? Read on to see some of our favorites.

10 Images By April 10, 2016


Love is in the air: Get engaged with the help of a drone proposal kit

Make the moment of your engagement take flight with a drone delivery and 4K video capturing the moment.

By April 27, 2016


Microsoft loves the cloud but takes a hit on taxes

CEO Satya Nadella has made the cloud the linchpin of his strategy for getting companies to think about Microsoft products again. A "catch-up" tax adjustment cut into profit.

By April 21, 2016


Sync 3 gives Ford cars fast navigation, Android and iPhone love (pictures)

Ford's Sync 3 infotainment platform not only responds quickly to inputs, but also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

29 Images By April 18, 2016


10 features that will make you fall in love with Windows 10

Still on Windows 8.1 and still wondering if upgrading to Windows 10 is worth it? 10 contains some great features that are sure to make you want to take the plunge. Plus, Windows 10 has a big update coming out this summer, with improvements to touch features, better voice control and a Windows subsystem for Linux, so there will be even more goodness to enjoy.

10 Images By April 11, 2016


Audio gifts every Mom will love for Mother's Day

Whether it's a Bluetooth speaker, a new pair of earbuds, or a wireless noise-cancelling headphone, it's about time you upgraded your Mother's hi-fi hardware. Check out CNET's recommendations for Mother's Day audio gifts this year.

13 Images By April 10, 2016