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iPhone SDK terms relaxed to allow lotteries (Poll)

According to a new report, Apple is now allowing developers to add contests, lotteries, or sweepstakes to iPhone and iPod Touch apps, thanks to a new SDK rule.

By Feb. 24, 2010


Spot and avoid the latest online scams

Among the recent targets of Web criminals are students, renters, and romance-seekers; everyone is at risk though, so keep your defenses up, up, up.

By Mar. 6, 2014


Nigerian scam tops list of decade's online cons

Notices of winning the lottery and requests from Russian women who want to know you better are also up there on Panda Security's ranking of decade's top Net swindles.

By Sep. 2, 2010


Congress may roll dice, legalize Net gambling

A push to rewrite federal law to legalize Internet gambling, banned since 2006, gains traction as politicians eye billions in additional tax revenue.

By May. 18, 2010


CTIA honchos dish on FCC regs (Q&A)

The lobbying group's Steve Largent and Chris Guttman-McCabe weigh in on Net neutrality rules, an impending spectrum crisis, and more.

By May. 17, 2010


Internet poker players to Congress: We have rights too

A federal Internet gambling ban poses threats to lawful gaming online and must be amended right away, players argue in a Capitol Hill lobbying blitz.

By Oct. 24, 2007