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Editors' Take

Looxcie 3

Changing from a Bluetooth headset to a little 1.9-inch square, the Looxcie 3 can record 720p video while streaming live privately or publicly to your Facebook page.

By November 18, 2013

Editors' Take

Looxcie HD

Live stream your day's activities straight to your Facebook wall with the Looxcie HD camera.

By February 24, 2013

MSRP: $329.99


Looxcie redesigns its little streaming camera (pictures)

No longer a headset-like previous models, the Looxcie 3 is a little wearable camera that can record 720p video while simultaneously live-streaming to your Facebook page or other mobile devices.

12 Images By November 18, 2013


Looxcie changes up its design for its third-gen streaming camera

The little wearable Looxcie 3 records and streams 720p video privately or publicly to your Facebook page.

By November 15, 2013


Looxcie heads to Europe through Apple

The Bluetooth-connected camera company will start selling its cameras in Apple's Europe stores on January 23, and it launches an enterprise product.

By January 7, 2013


Looxcie wearable camera returns, looks improved

With a smaller, lighter design and better video quality, the Looxcie 2 might be a smartphone companion worth having.

By June 7, 2011


CES: Looxcie adds live video streaming from headset to smartphones

LooxcieLive takes the original social video camera a step further with live streaming capabilities and two apps: LooxcieCam and LooxcieMoments.

By January 7, 2011


Looxcie wearable camera: For those afraid to blink

If you thought always-on communications technology was already out of hand, you haven't seen the Looxcie.

By September 16, 2010