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LongJump to foster private clouds for corporate IT

Company to license technology to help both IT and software developers build their own private clouds

By March 31, 2009


Back office in a box: LongJump

A new, easy suite of apps designed for small businesses.

By September 24, 2007


Office 2.0 mashup tools: Longjump, Proto Software, Teqlo

Office 2.0 kicks off it's start-up group. We've got it covered.

By March 23, 2007


Open Cloud Manifesto now signed and delivered

Leaked late last week, the Open Cloud Manifesto has been a highly controversial document among cloud industry participants. The document and its signatory list are now officially public.

By March 29, 2009


All the Webware 100 finalists in one place

Alphabetical list of all 300 Webware 100 finalists. Vote now!

By March 2, 2008


Pitch overload at AlwaysOn

Another line of start-ups makes their case at the AlwaysOn Stanford Summit.

By August 2, 2007


Dapper: content sharing for dummies

Dapper's web integration service lets users build widgets, APIs, RSS feeds and more to control their own content and share it around the Web.

By April 17, 2007