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Tips for increasing the longevity of your Mac

If you have a new or used Mac then you likely would like to ensure it stays working for as long as possible.

By Mar. 1, 2013


Odyssey Orbiter nears Martian longevity record (photos)

Since entering Mars' orbit on October 24, 2001, NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter has made countless contributions to understanding the Red Planet.

13 Images Dec. 15, 2010


Susan Boyle won't have longevity, says judge

YouTube sensation Susan Boyle will sing Sunday in the "Britain's Got Talent" semifinals. But one of the judges, Amanda Holden, says that Boyle has no longevity as a singer.

By May. 23, 2009


Does the Xbox 360's 'lack of longevity' matter?

Sony's Kaz Hirai claims that the video game console "lacks longevity." But does that even matter?

By Jan. 21, 2009


Patients get medical check-ups using Kinect

Medical patients in Basque Country will be able to receive ongoing outpatient care remotely with Teki, a medical monitoring system that uses Microsoft's Kinect.

By Nov. 28, 2013


Apple kills off last Bitcoin wallet app in App Store

Blockchain claims that Apple offered "no explanation and no opportunity to address any issues" with its application or Bitcoin wallets.

By Feb. 6, 2014


Quora collects $80 million in funding

The Web and mobile information hub is padding its bank account with new millions from Tiger Global in the hopes that it can remain an independent company.

By Apr. 9, 2014


Windows XP hangs tough as support deadline looms

Microsoft cuts off support for XP in another week, yet the 13-year-old OS still holds a significant chunk of the market as seen by Net Applications.

By Apr. 1, 2014


Samsung Galaxy S5 to get unibody metal shell

Samsung's next Galaxy smartphone will have a metal body, following HTC and Apple's premium devices, if Japanese website EMSOne is to be believed.

By Dec. 3, 2013

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Cree 100W replacement LED

With a new bulb and across-the-board price cuts, Cree is gearing up for a big year.

Mar. 12, 2014