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The Samsung Galaxy S5 logs your heartbeart (pictures)

Here's how a new sensor in Samsung's top-of-the-line smartphone takes your pulse.

7 Images By Feb. 25, 2014


Sony SmartBand logs a digital you (pictures)

Sony thinks step counting is so pedestrian. Its new SmartBand is no mere pedometer but rather a complete life-logging solution able to keep tabs on where you go, what you do, and who you're with.

5 Images By Feb. 24, 2014


Google logs record 21.5M URL takedown requests in September

The search engine's Transparency Report shows that takedown requests for piracy and copyright infringing URLs are increasing at a breakneck pace.

By Oct. 7, 2013


Tesla releases logs on disputed NYT car review

The company's chairman and CEO Elon Musk says that there are some "inaccuracies" in the Times' review of his company's Tesla Model S.

By Feb. 14, 2013


iOS 7 showing up in Web traffic logs ahead of public reveal

With a public reveal of iOS 7 expected next month, Apple appears to be ramping up testing of the software to external sites.

By May. 8, 2013


Cops: U.S. law should require logs of your text messages

Silicon Valley firms and privacy groups want Congress to update a 1986-era electronic privacy law. But if a law enforcement idea set to be presented today gets attached, support for the popular proposal would erode.

By Mar. 19, 2013


Instagram logs 2K signups a minute

With release of app for Android, photo-sharing community sees a huge influx of new users.

By Apr. 3, 2012


More iPad Mini evidence spotted in app logs?

Using his app, Instapaper's developer thinks he may have stumbled on clues to a new iPad based on the iPad 2.

By Aug. 31, 2012


LG logs a loss on EU fine, but sees smartphone strength

The fourth-quarter loss was driven by a big fine over price-fixing charges. On the plus side, LG saw record sales of smartphones and lots of interest in "premium 4G devices."

By Jan. 30, 2013


Stop Google Talk from saving chat logs

Here's a simple way to stop GTalk conversation logs from hogging space on your Gmail account.

By Jul. 13, 2012