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Use Tinfoil for Facebook to protect your privacy on Android

Skip the official apps for Facebook and check out this privacy-focused one instead.

By October 17, 2014


Go incognito when launching Chrome on Windows

Need to keep your browsing habits private or just trying to avoid cookies? Read on to find out how you can launch Chrome into incognito automatically.

By May 26, 2014


Ad Fab: Hot startup makes a splash on Facebook... at logout

The e-commerce site Fab, which is adding a million members a month, is making a big expansion push, and is bucking conventional wisdom about the value of Facebook display ads.

By September 14, 2012


Mac Pro users experiencing random log-outs in Mountain Lion

A conflict with dual GPUs may be the root of a window server crash that forces users back to the log-in screen.

By August 2, 2012


Facebook sued over tracking users after logout

Irish regulators also reportedly plan to investigate the social network's so-called "frictionless sharing."

By September 30, 2011


Watch out, Windows. Here's Chromebooks for kiosks

Chromebook's new Managed Public Sessions hopes to challenge Windows' supremacy as the ubiquitous public computer.

By April 30, 2013


Q&A: MacFixIt Answers

Readers ask about proper battery care, why data in a guest account disappears on restart, and other topics.

By March 15, 2013


Managing unexpected log-outs in OS X

If the log-in session in OS X ever unexpectedly quits, all of your currently open applications will be quit too. Here are some approaches to addressing this issue if it happens.

By May 20, 2011


Social media: The biggest stories of 2012

Here are the top five ways we embraced social media this year.

By December 28, 2012


How to avoid making one of the 10 worst Facebook mistakes

It's easy to drop your guard while socializing with your friends on Facebook, but careless friending, posting, liking, and sharing jeopardizes more than just your reputation and privacy -- it can also cost you your job.

By December 4, 2012